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Customer Pagers and Systems

Our customer pagers and paging systems are world renown because in 1993 we invented them!

Of course things have moved on since then, but we still have the 'coaster' pager (in a number of colours) as well as our 'Adverteaser' pagers which are used throughout the UK in large and small clients alike.

Queuing customers will cost you money!

If you give them a customer pager (either a coaster or Adverteaser) then you're set for an invisible queue.

And that means no walkaways with increased efficiency and higher bottom line time after time.

And if you're in the retail business no problem. Our customer paging systems are used throughout retail too, as well as restaurants, hotels and more.

Its a simple matter to call them back because our pagers have vibe, flash and beep if necessary - and theres no 'voice' gimmicks that could fail and let liquids in to the pagers.

LRS users tell us all the time that their customers cannot believe how great our customer pagers are and how it's speeded up the service and the staff love them too. No hassle of 'forgetting' who is next in the queue, or simply not helping because someone 'forgot' about a particular customer.

Our pagers are probably the most robust pagers in the world. Other companies often copy our designs, but you will always find that the 'copy' is not quite what it may look like.


 We have patents that protects our products against cheap copies, so if you don't see the LRS brand on there - they are NOT LRS products. It's THAT simple.


Our pagers can stack up on a single charger (for coaster pagers) or use a compact charging base that can simply be added to as you grow - you don't have to buy the whole system right away, you simply add as needed. Right the way up to 999 pagers!

Our customer coasters and Adverteasers have areas for advertising the current special offers you have too, and in the case of the Adverteaser you chan update them as many times as you want without the case cracking, as so often many other products do.

Our ROI is literally less than a week in most cases.

The LRS transmitter is not only one of the coolest pieces of kit we have, it can page up to 999 pagers without modification and you can even use multiple transmitters if you want to. Some products out there have trouble paging just 6 pagers by design!

And for most transmitters you don't even need a license with LRS.

Another important aspect of pagers is Antibacterial protection, and LRS was and is the only company that uses antibacterial plastics on some of its paging equipment.

There are no sprays or treatments (that could wear off), but if you really want to use regular treatments then thats no problem too. Our pagers can handle it, while others cannot because of speaker holes that could harbour germs.

But of course there's far more to our customer pager systems than simple antibacterial protection.

We guarantee our products for up to 10 years against manufacturing defects. And if you happen to have a pager that develops a manufacturers defect we'll simply give you a new one. Theres no having to wait for engineering to get round to your equipment as some companies service reflects.

So what are you waiting for?

Simply use our contact form for more information and we'll get back to you promptly.

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