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Development of the Paging Systems from LRS

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Our Call Systems Pagers are better
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Development of Pager Systems for Industry


Did you know that since 1993 we have continually developed our product range? In fact we have introduced some of the best on site paging solutions in the world - and often competitors try and copy our designs, quality and support if they can.

Of course, all too often in the pager industry you can buy inferior equipment with bad support without even knowing it... at least at first when the system is new. But in a while (a very short while) in some cases, you will see if the equipment you bought really is as good as the salesman insisted when you bought it. Worse still, will they still be in business?

Our systems on the other hand are backed up with a 3 year manufacturers warranty - in fact the longest MR in the business and we have been here since 1993 - it's your choice so just bear in mind everything we say, often customers don't take heed of our comments, and then end up with a system which is high failure rate, high repair cost, or simply not repairable because the supplier is no longer in business.

But don't worry, we take part exchange!

Please do contact us if you have any pager system issues from other suppliers - maybe we can help.

Our development is on an on going basis and products are updated regularly to ensure we remain leaders of onsite paging equipment worldwide.























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