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Hospitality Paging Systems



World Leaders in the Hospitality Industry - LRS has been supplying since 1993 with PATENTED and solid product.



Restaurant pagers are the perfect tool to help you increase profits. Our pagers provide several key benefits for any restaurant with a wait.

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Restaurant Pagers help you:

• Maintain a quieter atmosphere by eliminating overhead paging
• Locate guests more quickly decreasing your table turn time
• Minimize wait times
• Give guests the freedom to visit the bar or go outside

Restaurant Pagers for servers & staff

Whether you’re replacing that old call bell or streamlining your entire operation, we have a restaurant server pager system that fits your needs. All of our server pagers can be called from the kitchen transmitter as well as the host transmitter if you are using guest pagers.

Our server pagers for restaurants offer on-site programming. If a pager is lost or broken, you simply reprogram another one for that number. You do not need white boards or grease pencils because now your pager is the same as your ID. The chef knows the number to page because it will be printed on the ticket as the server ID

LRS is the leading innovator of restaurant paging systems. We were the creators of the first coaster pager and have since developed new technologies to increase your profits night in and night out.

When considering how many guest pagers to purchase for your restaurant, use the following equation: Wait Time (in minutes) divided by 1.5 = # of restaurant pagers to purchase.

60 minutes ÷ 1.5 = 40 pagers
40 minutes ÷ 1.5 = 30 pagers


LRS Pager Call-System Pager

> Server Pager
Page servers when food is ready - serve your orders at the proper temperature every time.

Whether you need Customer (guest) Staff or other style of pager we have the lot - and backed up with our 3 year new for old warranties it is very likely we're the company for you with products you will come to enjoy using.

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> Coaster Call
The first restaurant pager shaped in the shape of a drink coaster. Coaster call flashes and vibrates to alert guests when their table is ready. The come in 3 colors: clear, smoked and blue.

LRS Adverteaser

> AdvertTeasers (Paddle Pagers)
Our unique restaurant pagers featuring one-piece construction paddles. The paddle house an insert which may be replaced with your own special or advertisement.

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