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Reliability of Our Pager Systems

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Our Call Systems Pagers are better
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Reliability of LRS products


Our product reliability is legendary.

While most customers will simply assume products last a long time - many products available in the onsite paging industry in fact are of meagre or poor quality. That does not mean they are all bad, of course not.

But what REALLY matters is when you have products with a high on site failure rate, there is a hidden cost.

Sometimes unscrupulous pager companies will insist the product has not failed but has been broken - read PAY NOW.

Sometimes the pager is simply badly designed and fails continuously - read PAY NOW.

Sometimes the product is badly designed and fails rapidly and constantly - read PAY NOW.
BUT - LRS pagers have a typical failure rate of 0.3% which as an industry standard is a leader.

LRS offers a 3 year manufacturers warranty over and above our regular warranty - there's no risk.

LRS offers a 14 day trial of all equipment - there's no risk.

LRS has been around since 1993 - there's no risk.

And lastly of course, we are a world leading paging manufacturer - there's no risk.






















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